2 Trillion US FED Economic aid bill passes, is Gold likely to rise?

Photo by Michael Steinberg on Pexels.com

With the recent global economic headlines capturing the attention of the world, it hasn’t gone unnoticed that the markets have been looking for safe haven’s, gold being the obvious choice, within an abundance of seemingly bad options as stock indexes likely show what will be an inevitable global slow down.

The past month has shown gains dips and gains as gold returns as of the 26th March 2020 back to 1600+$/oz and as the Fed reveals its latest economic boosting policies, what does that mean to those invested or considering investment in gold? More than likely, we are about to witness prices exceeding that of the 1750$ experienced during our last financial crisis with many experts suggesting that we may be looking at a growth up to 3000$/oz.

It is hard not to speculate during such turmoil, but certainly any good asset manager wouldn’t be deemed crazy to purchase in such times.

Wishing all those who read this, a heathy and happy quarantine wherever you may be…



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